HPFC Electricity
Hourly Price Forward Curve

Are you a power producer, trader or large consumer looking for a reliable price curve? Try our HPFC free of charge and convince yourself.

An electricity HPFC shows the future development of electricity prices in a price curve. The more accurate it is, the more reliably an electricity portfolio can be valued.

HPFC for the Swiss electricity market

For power market players we offer our arbitrage-free HPFC, which is based on EEX futures settlement prices. The complex algorithm provides a reliable and repetitive method that learns from historical spot prices and takes seasonality into account. Our algorithm is continuously optimized and we participate in HPFC benchmarks.

Daily delivery via FTP or e-mail

Daily calibration in hourly raster

Market areas Switzerland and Europe

30-day free trial

Independent provider

Access to web platform with marketdata cockpit (Except test version)

30-day free trial

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