Profile roll-out tool

Would you like to estimate your load profile for the coming years in a few clicks?

Quick, flexible and intuitive, our online tool allows you to estimate your load curve for the coming years from one or more known historical profiles. Load one or more historical load curves, enter the target year and any known variations, and our online tool will display your new profile estimate and its main characteristics in a few seconds.

Need a specific option? We customize it for you!

Our tools have been developped, worked with a wide range of input formats and allows you to perform standard operations which are commonly needed. Please take contact with us if you miss some possibilities and wish some complementary options. We are looking forward to understand your specifications and provide you a suitable and efficient tool matching your needs.

Choice of region (impact for public holidays)

Unroll many profiles at the same time and automatically cumulate them if necessary

Apply a ratio to the scrolled profile

Possibility to load mixed historical profiles from different years

Export in .csv format (Excel)

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